Our Company

Our SnoFloat™ and signature blended SnoFreeze™ creations are our forte!  We are passionate about our recipes and service for creating a fun neighborhood experience.

Floatisimo™ handcrafts modern SnoFloat™ beverages with blended quality ice cream, freshly shaved ice, fresh mix-ins, craft fizzes and coffee brews with toppings to create unique flavors for everyone!

Our specialty blended SnoFloat™ creations are made with a variety of swirled ingredients blended into our ice cream with fizzes and premium mix-ins like fruits, cereals, and more.

Choose from our assortments of Urban, Tropical, Cereal, & Café Brew SnoFloat™ beverages depending on your preference.  Our menu is pleasingly distinctive and delectable for everyone!  Also- try our variety of SnoFreeze™ treats that are served as snow cones topped with freshly blended ice cream infusions!

Our Floatistas™ freshly prepare each creation with genuine care for our customers to enjoy.  We pride ourselves with making one of a kind SnoFloat™ and blended SnoFreeze™ treats that people will come back for every time.


Our mission

“To impassion people to float with happiness with our creation of modern specialty blended SnoFloat™ and SnoFreeze™ treats one smile at a time!”