Our Story

Our guiding principle is to create happier moments with modern desserts!  Just like our special treats- we are all unique and different in our own special way.

So, “Float your own boat at Floatisimo™”

One evening our family was gathered around the dinner table reminiscing about old grandpa “Red” who was a short, but tough ginger!  He was not someone you would want to anger because his hot temper matched his fiery red hair- hence the reason for his name!  But, the pleasant memories of him making good old fashion root beer floats was recollected in our minds that evening.

Grandpa Red loved the yummy taste of ice cream and fizz in a cold mug.  So, the idea of making a home-style float for our teenagers became more than a tasty thought.  Thanks to Grandpa Red, we became invigorated with a great business concept.  Not only did we want to incorporate a new idea, but we also wanted to combine both of our North and South American heritages- which is why we came up with our name Floatisimo™ after the word ‘buenísimo’ because our floats are deliciously great!