Sneak Peek

Fruity Tootie Snofloat™

A sweet swirl of blended Froot Loops® topped with extra flavorful Froot Loops® cereal!

Cinnamon Bun SnoFloat™

A tantalizing blend of swirled Cinnamon
Toast Crunch® topped with extra Cinnamon
Toast Crunch®!

PiÑa colada snofreeze™

A delicately swirled coconut blend served on
top of our Piña Colada snow cone!

blueberry snofreeze™

A delicious swirl of frozen blueberries topped
over a chilled blueberry flavored snow cone!

try our urban
snofloat™ creations!

A scrumptious blend of swirled flavors that
are tantalizing for today’s modern tastes!

Try Our Tropical SnoFloat™ Creations!

A fresh blend of frozen fruits are added to our Tropical SnoFloat™ Creations!