Why Our Company

Delicious Products

Our Snofloat™ and signature blended SnoFreeze™ creations are our forte!  We are passionate about our recipes and service for creating a fun neighborhood experience.

Floatisimo™ handcrafts modern SnoFloat™ beverages with blended quality ice cream, shaved ice, fresh mix-ins, craft fizzes, and toppings to create unique flavors for everyone.  Our specialty blended SnoFloat™ creations are made with a variety of swirled ingredients from freshly blended ice cream with premium mix-ins like fruits, cereals, and craft soda.

Company Support

Each franchisee receives extensive hands-on training that covers every aspect of store management including operations, marketing and financial management.

You will be accompanied by an “Opening team” to help assist you in the first days of store operations and planning of your grand opening.

You will receive one-on-one marketing guidance and our Franchise Business

Consultants are always a phone call or email away.

So, “Float your own Franchise opportunity with Floatisimo™

Who Is The Ideal Franchisee

We look for diverse people to franchise with us!  There are a number of qualities that we want our successful Franchisees to have in common.

1. Attitude.  Someone who has a positive attitude and a passion for our products is the essence behind the entrepreneurial spirit to own our franchise.  A successful Franchisee is an individual who will be supportive and appreciative of their customers and employees.

2. Integrity.  We look for Franchisees who have the integrity to perform all business operations with a respectful and professional approach.

3. Participation.  A successful Franchise is the face of our brand!  A Franchisee must be committed to following our company procedures, protocols, and operations to maintain consistency.  The success of a franchise will be based upon key company policies to maintain superior standards in store sanitation, cleaning, product delivery and customer service.  Other considerations for a Franchisee is to promote new venues for building customer loyalty, attracting new customers, and promoting sales.

4. Finances.  The ideal Franchisee will have the financial resources to establish and expand their business with good credit and financial liquidity.

5. Community Involvement.  The ideal Franchisee is active in their community and community organizations.

6. Marketing.  The ideal Franchisee enjoys people and is not afraid to promote the Floatisimo™ brand.  A proactive approach is beneficial in marketing the company in collaboration with head office to determine marketing plans and strategies for your business.

What are the average costs of owning a Franchise?

The investment required to start your own Floatisimo™ is outlined below based upon average costs experience:


**Franchise Fee $ 35,000

***Build Costs $ 160,000 to $300,000

ROYALTY FEE: 6% of gross sales/monthly

ADVERTISING FEE: 2% of gross sales/monthly


(*Initial costs will vary depending upon location, store size, marketing fees and other variable costs.)

(*Multiple units Fee $30,000)

(**All figures are approximate and will vary based upon leasehold requirements, market conditions, fluctuating equipment costs and other factors.)

Average Store Location Size: 650 up to 1000 square feet.

How to get started?


Submit Franchise Form:

The following information is requested to assist us in evaluating your qualifications as a potential franchisee for Floatisimo™. By submitting this questionnaire, you agree that we may rely upon the information provided herein.

Franchise Form

Please fill out the following form and submit. All fields marked * are required.

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Your Franchise Form is reviewed.

The Franchise form is not an offer of a franchise. Any franchise offer is made only after a Franchise Disclosure Document has been provided.

Submitting your questionnaire is only a starting point in our respective analysis as to whether we should enter into a franchise relationship.  Consequently, your submission of this questionnaire is for information purposes only.  This questionnaire is not an offer to sell or a solicitation of an offer to buy a franchise.  No sale will occur prior to the execution of a Development Agreement or Master Franchise Agreement and the payment of all required fees by you.  Neither our acceptance of this questionnaire nor any discussions resulting therefrom, constitute any commitment on our part to enter into any agreement to sell a territory or a franchise.


Franchise Disclosure Documents emailed

An email with Franchise Disclosure Documents will be sent to you via email.  These need to be signed and emailed back prior to you setting up a phone interview with corporate head office.  You will need to read all materials before calling up to set up a phone interview.


Phone Interview

A phone interview will be conducted to discuss any questions about the Franchise process.


Orientation Day

You will be invited to our store in California for a “Orientation Day” to meet our team and see the operations of owning a store.  It is your chance to voice questions and concerns face-to-face about our operations, construction, real estate, accounting and marketing.  Your visit to California will also provide you with a chance to see our company owned store and learn more about the day-to-day store activities.


Franchise Agreement

We will contact you for a final discussion to determine our mutual interest and decision in becoming a Floatisimo™ Franchisee after Orientation Day.  Once you have been approved as a franchisee, we will send you two executable copies of the Franchisee Agreement.


Franchise Fee

The Franchise Fee will be paid prior to commencing our development stage.


Begin Development Process!

As a Franchisee you will become one of our team members.  Your commitment as a new business owner will be paramount to your own success.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is previous food experience necessary in order to obtain a Floatisimo™ Franchise?

You don’t need prior food experience since we train you.

Can a store be purchased as an investment without my full-time management?

A full time manager is required to be successful. As a store owner, you can hire a manager but you will need to be available for them at all times when necessary. Our training session will help you to understand the management process.

What is the size of a typical store?

Between 650 and 1,000 square feet. Rent typically varies from $3,000 to $8,000 per month depending on the size of the store and its location.

What are the construction costs of a new store?

Leasehold improvements are typically in the $100,000 range. These figures include a landlord built-out contribution of $10,000 - $120,000, although this amount will vary depending on the location.

How much is the franchise fee, royalty fee and advertising fee?

The franchise fee is $35,000 for single unit operators and $30,000 for multiple units. The royalty and advertising fees are 6% and 2% respectively of monthly gross sales.

What does this franchise fee cover?

A franchise fee provides the right to own and operate a Floatisimo™ store in a given location, and the right to use the Floatisimo™ trade name, trademark, recipes, brand and manner of doing business. It also includes site selection, approval, and assistance with lease negotiations, architectural layout, construction assistance and one week training in California. During the training we will teach you all that you will need to operate and manage a Floatisimo™ store. Our Corporate Supervisors will help you open your store, assist with employee training and offer you continual operational supervision and recommendations. Our Marketing Coordinator will collaborate with you to employ a marketing, advertising, and public relations strategy specific to your community before and after your store is open.

How much cash will I need?

At least 30% - 40% of the total investment is required by financial institutions.

Where do I get the equipment?

We have established relationships with equipment suppliers that result in savings for the franchisees.

Can any part of the store construction and required equipment be financed?

Yes, loans through your local bank and the Business Development Council may be available. Also, with proper financial strength, equipment may be leased through leasing companies.

Do I buy supplies from Floatisimo™?

We require specific quality controls to be maintained. Floatisimo™ requires supplies and ingredients to be purchased from our selected vendors.